The Future Of Small Businesses

Given the trend of everything going digital, it is my belief that businesses will all migrate to cyberspace in the near future. Everything you could want can be found (or at least info pertaining to where it can be found) online. While I’m somewhat against the digital revolution from a interpersonal communication perspective, it has a huge influence on how business is conducted – even giving rise to the whole digital marketing and SEO industry. Phone based businesses, like this Vancouver limo service, have significantly benefited from having a strong online presence.

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Online Dating, Weddings, and Limo Bookings?

The damage to our interpersonal relationships as a result of being constantly glued to our iPhones is ignored and often underestimated. We go about our lives thinking “this is normal. Everyone is like that.” We resign our thoughts to the new social fabric of telecommunication and we sink ever deeper into wireless black hole in an attempt to fit in with everyone else. Contrary to what you may think of my view on the internet, there’s no denying that the web comes with its fair share of conveniences. My best friend is getting married this weekend and I booked services with a fabulous Vancouver limo (no pun intended) company and from the online reviews, they look great!

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My Gripe with Email

Is it just me or is email becoming more of a hassle and source of stress at work? I used to get excited when I got emails because it was a sign that people knew I existed and they had something for me to do. I always had the belief that if you’re not busy at work…or least look busy, then you are easily expendable and could be replaced or laid off at any time. The corporate world is a harsh reality and I accept that. That’s where email comes in.

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Bus Rides of Solitude

I usually don’t take transit but my trusty steed was not feeling well today (read: my Civic was in the repair shop) so I turned back the clock a couple of years and joined the student crowd on board the 135 to Metrotown. It’s kind of nostalgic thinking back to all my university years and how I practically formed a bond with that bus. Getting on before the sun came out, and again after the sun had set, you could say those rides were my window looking out to the rest of the world. Oh how I wished my limo-driving friend would give me a free ride, but I know he’s busy enough as it is trying to run New Westminster Limo to spare time for me. So for now the bus it is.

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Can U Spell Properly Pls?

A few days ago I stumbled upon an interesting article talking about how written communication may be evolving due to technology, specifically social networking and electronic communication tools.

It talks about how young people are paving the way for new, rapid written conversations that share attributes with real in-person ones. Things we often do now that wouldn’t have made sense back in the day. Heck, you probably do this on a daily basis and not even know. It’s just another example of how smart phones and modern technology is affecting today’s youth.

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Lots of Spam

Not sure how exactly this happens, but my welcome post got tons of spam comments…so for the time being I’m going to disable comments until I get this sorted out. Sorry everyone. Please bear with me.


*Update* Ok I turned comments back on…hope to be rid of those annoying spammers.

Welcome To My Life

Hey Stranger.

Welcome to iPhone Sim Freer. You might be  on this site looking for the latest jailbreaking methods for your new shiny Apple device…But my apologies, that’s not what this blog is about. I am here to share my experiences about living without having owned any Apple devices. Like an unlocked iPhone free from sim card restrictions, I live a life that is free from Apple’s iron grasp. It’s not that I hate Apple or anything vile like that (trust me I really don’t), but more of a fear of what I could become if I take the plunge.

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